Allergy Armor Memory Foam Pillow

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Memory Foam Pillow - Standard


Allergy Armor Foam Pillow

Do you need a good night's sleep? Does your current pillow not provide enough support? Then, you need to add our new memory foam pillow to your bedding set! This pillow is designed to provide maximum comfort and support while being resistant to dust mites and microbes. We have covered the pillow in a free, custom designed pillow encasing made from our Ultra fabric. Our Ultra pillow covers have the smallest pore size available. Please review the picture gallery above to see the pillow cover and zipper placement.

With a gentle, curved design, the Allergy Armor memory foam pillow mimics the natural contours of your head and neck, to provide maximum support by cradling your head in supple support. Unlike traditional pillows that may bunch with use, our memory foam pillow will provide a consistent night's sleep night after night. The Ultra pillow encasement provides an added layer of dust mite, mold, and allergen protection. With this pillow, you can sleep comfortably and protect your pillow from dust mites. *Please note the Allergy Armor Memory Foam Pillow only comes in standard size.

24" L x 14" W
4.5" H (large curve) and 4" H (small curve) *There will be some slight variation in sizing.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper and Pillow Video

Product Reviews & Questions

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  A great pillow
Reviewed by: Debi from Spring Mount, PA

I have issues with back/neck problems and severe asthma. Since using this pillow my neck hasn't been hurting as much and I haven't been waking up at night having trouble breathing. It has only been a week but already I am seeing a huge improvement.
  Less stiffness
Reviewed by: pleased pillow owner from Salem, MA

I have issues with stiffness and soreness in my neck in the morning. I'm a side sleeper and my regular pillow often puts too much pressure on my ears. The first night I slept with this foam pillow, I woke up on my back, which was odd but happily I didn't have neck problems. I've been sleeping on it for a week and am used to it, no ear pain or stiff neck. It's fantastic! The foam is a little on the firm side and takes getting used to. If you're a smaller size person like me, try flipping the pillow so the larger "lobe" of the contour is under your neck for more support.

Customer Q & A

Q1: When will this pillow be back in stock?
A: Right now, we can't give a definitive date. We're searching for a better type of memory foam. While many people did like these pillows, we found overall, we want to find a better quality of memory foam. We appreciate your patience!

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Allergy Armor Memory Foam Pillow Review

Allergy Armor Memory Foam Pillow

Do you need a good night's sleep? Then, add our new memory foam pillow to your bedding set. This pillow is designed for maximum comfort and support. It will mirror the natural shape of your body. The pillow is resistant to dust mites and bacteria. Please note that due to the nature of memory foam the firmness level of every item is unique. Please be advised that similar pillows may produce different firmness results and feel.

What I like about the Allergy Armor Memory Foam Pillow

The best feature of this pillow is also the most important - feel. Memory foam pillows are often difficult to describe, but it is likely best put like this. The foam offers resistance that increases with weight and as you sink. So when you first rest your head on it, it sinks in as the material cushions your head. As your head and neck comes to more firmly settle on the pillow, the support kicks in.

Our Allergy Armor memory foam pillow feels like this because of the materials used in the construction of it. A viscoelastic foam provides layers of support while adding a soft feel that is unique to memory foam.

Memory foam never flattens. So with your Allergy Armor foam pillow, you'll not have to worry about fluffing your pillow, and after each use, the foam springs back to its original shape.

Though the foam itself is natural dust mite and microbe resistant, as an added benefit, each comes with a custom made Allergy Armor Ultra pillow cover. This polyester cover offers the smallest average pore size in the industry is a proven and recommended barrier against allergens like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander.

Like all of our Ultra fabrics, this cover is also treated with an antimicrobial spray and is water resistant. So not only does it protect you from allergens, it extends the life of the pillow by shielding if from moisture and other substances that can slowly wear down pillow.

Lastly, this may seem trivial, but the pillow cover comes already installed on the pillow.

What I did not like about the Allergy Armor Memory Foam Pillow

There is really one real drawback to this pillow. Currently, we only offer it in a standard size. In time, that may change and the offering may expand to include queen and king size but currently only standard is available.

Memory foam pillows provide support and comfort that is uniquely different than standard polyester filled pillows. Now you can enjoy the benefits of this type of pillow without the expense commonly associated with big brand names. Sleep easier with the comfort of memory foam and breathe easier with protection from allergens.

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Memory Foam Pillow - Standard (Item#: AA6007) (Discontinued)

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