Ogallala Wool Pillows

Ogallala Wool Pillows


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Wool Firm Standard


Ogallala Wool Pillows

Wool pillows are warm and supportive, cushioning your pressure points yet springing back into place when you get up. And, wool is resilient and durable, guaranteed for 10 years. Our wool pillows are made from all-natural domestic wool, which is overlapped and intertwined to create a batting, using no chemicals or glues. The carefully woven batting gives wool pillows uniformity and consistency, while bouncy enough to remain lofty night after night. Wool is hypoallergenic and resists dust mites. Pillows are covered in cool, comfortable cotton.

*Please note that the Ogallala neck pillow is shaped like a cylinder and it is 6" in diameter and 15" long.

Product Features

  • Hypoallergenic wool pillows are resilient and recover up to 95% of their original shape
  • Wool wicks moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable
  • Made from all natural, domestic wool, with no chemicals or glues
  • Hypoallergenic wool pillows are extremely durable and guaranteed for 10 years

A Hypoallergenic Wool Pillow is ideal for you if...

  • You like a firm, supportive pillow.
  • You want a hypoallergenic pillow that resists dust mites.
  • You want a warm cozy pillow perfect for cool nights.

Customer Reviews

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Reviewed by: Gary from San Francisco, CA

This is a firmer pillow than I thought when I ordered it. I like it and it provides good support.
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Reviewed by: Nicole N from Indiana

After deciding to make the investment in this wool pillow, i am more than pleased with this purchase and would like to eventually exchange all my other pillows with these wool ones. They hold their shape very well, and as a side sleeper it supports my head and neck very well. The best part though is almost immediately i noticed i was no longer sneezing in bed as much. I will be purchasing another of these Ogallala pillows soon!
  pillow order
Reviewed by: headache from north carolina

i was disappointed with this pillow. it had an oder which i was allergic and within a week it was flat as pancake and was very hard to fluff up. on top of that had to pay a restocking fee to return it. i would not order again.

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Ogallala Wool Pillow Reviews
Ogallala Wool Pillow

Wool is an essential clothing fabric for winter outdoor activities. I would never go skiing without wool socks on my feet or a wool cap on my head. Wool is known for its warming properties, but I really love its moisture wicking properties and its uncanny ability for temperature regulation. A wool hat will keep me comfortable even if it gets moist, and wool socks prevent feet from overheating and wick away perspiration.

With the properties mentioned above, wouldn't wool make an obvious choice for a pillow? When I tested the Ogallala Hypoallergenic Wool Pillow, I wasn't sure how a pillow filled with the makings of winter hats and socks would be comfortable for sleeping. However, this pillow has a puffy firmness perfect for supporting side-sleepers like me.

Wool pillows are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites--essential qualities for allergy sufferers. Contrary to what one might think, this pillow is not just for keeping you cozy in the winter, it's great for hot sleepers because it wicks moisture away from the body, regulating body temperature. Think about it, sheep still wear their wool coats in the summer!

Low maintenance is key for the care of wool pillows. Neutralize odors with baking soda, allow your pillow to fluff up in the sun for an afternoon or place in a dryer on the lowest setting with three tennis balls. Never wash a wool pillow.

What I like about the Ogallala Wool Pillow
  • Holds its shape while maintaining softness.
  • Low maintenance with few cleaning required.
  • Moisture wicking to help regulate temperature and keep you cool.
What I don't like about the Ogallala Wool Pillow
  • Wool pillows are excellent for neck support, but they may not be soft enough for stomach sleepers.
  • They are a little pricier than traditional synthetic fill pillows.
As with any pillow, be sure to select the right size and firmness for you. With few drawbacks, the hypoallergenic wool pillow from Ogallala is a great choice for anyone concerned with allergies and asthma as well as the use of synthetic materials in most modern pillows.

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Wool Firm Standard (Item#: OG0FST) (Discontinued)