Comfort-Aire Dehumidifier - 30 Pint

Comfort-Aire Dehumidifiers
30 Pint BHD-301


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Excess humidity can make you feel uncomfortable, damage your materials home, and increase the number of dust mites and mold spores in your home. Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers quietly and efficiently remove moisture from the air. Compact in size, they feature casters so that you can easily roll them from room to room.

Comfort-Aire Dehumidifier Features

  • Automatic Shut-Off ensures that the drain container will never overflow. When it's full, the dehumidifier beeps three times and displays a "Full" light.
  • Drain Options allow you to drain the water from the container without having to empty it yourself.
  • Easy Controls take the hassle out of operation. The Comfort-Aire BHD-301 dehumidifier features electro-mechanical controls. Models BHD-501 and BHD-651 feature an electronic touchpad, and they also display actual room humidity and relative humidity.
  • Auto Restart resumes operation after a power outage.
  • Slide-Out Filters are easily removed for cleaning, and they're reusable.
  • Comfort-Aire models BHD-501 and BHD-651 are Energy Star Compliant.
  • 1-year warranty on parts; 5-year warranty on sealed system parts (evaporator, compressor, etc.)
  • How to Choose Your Comfort-Aire Dehumidifier

    Larger dehumidifiers are necessary in hot, humid climates. Several factors can increase indoor humidity, including the use of washers and dryers, open doors and windows that let moisture in, and even the number of people leaving in the home. (More people lead to more moisture in the air.) If there's any question about which size to choose, go with the larger model.

    The chart below will help you choose the correct size for your needs:

    Condition of Environment (without dehumidifier)

    Area (sq. feet)

    200 1000 1500 2500
    Moderately Damp (feels humid; musty smell) 30 pt. 30 pt. 50 pt. 50 pt.
    Very Damp (musty odor; damp spots on walls) 30 pt. 30 pt. 50 pt. 65 pt.
    Wet (feels & smells wet; wet spots indoors) 30 pt. 50 pt. 60 pt. 65 pt.
    Extremely Wet (high humidity with wet floors, etc.) 30 pt. 50 pt. 60 pt. 65 pt.

    Comfort-Aire Dehumidifiers Comparison & Specifications

    Features BHD-301 BHD-501 BHD-651
    Capacity (pts. per day) 30 50 65
    Voltage 115V 115V 115V
    Amps 4.8 5.9 6.8
    Watts 490 615 710
    Electronic Control No Yes Yes
    Fan Speeds 2 2 2
    Low Temp. Operation No Yes Yes
    Set/Room Humidity Display No Yes Yes
    Slide-Out Filter Yes Yes Yes
    Drain Hose Connection Yes Yes Yes
    Full Bracket Auto Shutoff Yes Yes Yes
    Auto Restart Yes Yes Yes
    Auto Defrost Yes Yes Yes
    Container Capacity 21 pints 21 pints 21 pints
    Energy Star Compliant No Yes Yes

    21.25"H x 15"W x 13"D

    Net Weight 44.3 44.9 49.6
    Shipping Weight 49.4 49.4 54


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    Customer Q & A

    Q1: Is there any way you would be able to send me the instruction book for model BHD 501 the one in the picture. Somehow I misplaced mine. I need to know how to do the settings. Dona Hutter 3604 s 78 th st Milwaukee,wis 53220 Phone 414-329-0360 Thank you

    A: Dona, I don't recall specifically which series we offered here for a time, but here are two PDF's of the user manuals for each. Just select the appropriate one and download. This one is for the BHD-501-H model and this one is for the BHD-501-G Model Hope that helps!

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    30 Pint BHD-301 (Item#: CA0001) (Discontinued)

    Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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