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Soleus 95 Pint Dehumidifier

  • Item #: SO0006

Soleus 95 Pint Dehumidifier

Soleus Air pushes the boundaries of home dehumidification with the new Soleus 95 pint home dehumidifier. Not only does this model far surpass comparable home dehumidifiers in moisture removed per day, but it comes with advanced features and digital controls that make it unique from the rest.

With the most powerful fan of any residential, room dehumidifier, the Soleus 95 pint dehumidifier can dry spaces as large as 1500 sq. ft. Digital controls take the guesswork out of drying your home, and with three unique HomeComfort settings, the Soleus dehumidifier will determine the best fan speed and optimal relative humidity for your space. The LED display offers you the current humidity level, with just a glance, while letting you know when the air filter needs to be cleaned, if the bucket needs to be emptied and what features are currently enabled. For one of the most powerful solutions to controlling severe indoor humidity problems, the Soleus 95 pint can't be beat.


  • Very High Capacity: 95 Pints per Day (AHAM)
  • Soleus 95 Pint Dehumidifier Hose Adapter - Direct Drain OptionLow Temperature Operation Down to 41° F
  • Automatic Defrost
  • HomeComfort Mode - Three Presets suited for specific areas of your home
  • Digital Humidistat w/ Fully Digital Controls
  • Child Lock
  • 3 Fan Speeds
  • Two Water Removal Options - 1.3 Gal Bucket or use adapter to direct drain with any standard garden hose
  • Washable Air Filter w/ Cleaning Indicator
  • Timer
  • Casters
  • Auto Restart (after power outage)
  • Continuous Operation Mode
  • Automatic Shut-Off with Bucket Full Indicator
  • 1 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

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I like it just fine
Compact, light weight, and relatively quiet, compared to the last one I had. Have not tried to port it yet, but I am going to.
Review by Dameon J. / (Posted on 5/8/2015)
works great
Recently purchased and have been sucking out the basement ever since! Very satisfied so far.
Review by / (Posted on 5/8/2015)
Love it!
I have a very damp basement. This unit just sucks the moisture out like no dehumidifier I've had in the past. With the high humidity lately I have decided to purchase another one for my 2nd floor.
Review by No more worries / (Posted on 5/8/2015)
I have two in my large, daylight, basement that have been running continuously all summer for 6 summers, so far, without any problems! I manually empty them once or twice a day. These dehumidifiers are very, very good ones.
Review by Nancy / (Posted on 5/8/2015)

Soleus 95 Pint Dehumidifier Review
Soleus Dehumidifiers

New for this year, Soleus is in the process of revamping their entire line of home dehumidifiers, and as the first new model released, the Soleus 95 pint is one powerful, impressive dehumidifier. With a full 95 pints of water removal per day, this Soleus is built for severe indoor moisture problems. But what else makes this home dehumidifier a great way to control humidity, mold and insects. With our sample model in tow, this is how the Soleus 95 pint dehumidifier fared.

What I liked about the Soleus Dehumidifiers

There is a lot to like about this model, and first and foremost is the size/water removal capacity. At 95 pints, this Soleus dehumidifier will remove more moisture per day than another other residential dehumidifier built for living spaces. So while it may not be as powerful as some crawlspace models, the 95 pint dehumidifier is by far the most powerful of models built for use in living rooms, bedrooms, etc. For this type of drying performance, you could easily expect this dehumidifier to be much larger and several hundred dollars more expensive than what it is.

The digital features and controls on this model are truly impressive. Like others, there is an LED readout of the current relative humidity level in the room as well as a digital humidistat that allows you to set your desired humidity level. So, instead of a dial, you can see and set actual percentages. This helps because it largely eliminates the need for a separate hygrometer to monitor the relative humidity level.

When it comes to digital features, the Soleus HCB-D95-A goes further. If the power fails, the automatic restart feature will remember you last settings and turn the dehumidifier back on when power resumes. If the temperature dips and the coils begin to freeze, the auto defrost will thaw the unit and return it to proper working condition, and when you need a delayed start or need it to turn off after a specified time, the timer feature works wonders! Still, the Soleus 95 pint goes further. It features a child lock setting to keep small children from resetting or turning off the unit. It also has indicator lights that let you know when the tank is full, when the air filter needs to be cleaned and what the current fan speed is. Still, the Soleus 95 pint dehumidifier goes further! With a unique HomeComfort setting, you can select the type of space where the unit is being used then it will select a fan speed and humidity setting best for the space. It takes the guesswork out!

The coverage area is one of the last, best features of note. While dehumidifier manufacturers will often list coverage areas that are typically higher than what can be covered under real world conditions. The Danby 70 pint, for instance, lists 2000 sq. ft. as the effective coverage area, but in reality, when you take into account total air volume, 1000 sq. ft. is likely the largest space you'll see decent results in. The Soleus 95 pint dehumidifier is similar, in this regard, but better. Soleus lists an effective area of 1800 sq. ft. In reality, you likely won't find ideal conditions for this size of space to operate this model effectively in. However, the 95 pint can cover about 1500 sq. ft. with no problem. This is due in large part to the powerful fan/motor of the unit. Pushing up to 400 CFM of air, the Soleus HCB-D95-A can cycle through 24,000 cubic feet of air in one hour. This means if you have a space with a standard 8' ceiling, you could cycle through all the air in a space up to 3000 sq. ft. Ideally, you would want to cycle through all the air in a room at least a couple times per hour, which is why I generally see 1500 sq. ft. as the max for this dehumidifier. Still, pretty impressive!

What I did not like about the Soleus Dehumidifiers

It is heavy! At nearly 60 pounds, the Soleus HCB-D95-A dehumidifier is almost a full 60 lbs. While it does have built-in handholds and casters, it is not the easiest dehumidifier to move about.

The lack of an included hose is a bit of a hassle. Yes, it comes with an adapter that will allow you to connect a standard garden hose to the back of the unit and allow direct draining of water. Other dehumidifiers will include a small section of hose, and while it is generally not long, it is usually long enough to use with a nearby floor drain.

Soleus dehumidifiers only carry a one year manufacturers limited warranty. This is the minimum amongst room dehumidifiers, and while it is not unusual for a room dehumidifier to have a one year warranty, I hoped for a longer warranty period, based on the price.

Overall, the Soleus HCBD95A 95 Pint Dehumidifier is one of, if not the most, robust room dehumidifier available for your home today. It's powerful enough to work in any room in the home, including your basement. The controls are sophisticated, practical, but fairly easy to figure out, and the additional features are useful, without a great deal of "fluff". The performance is one par with dehumidifiers that cost twice as much or commercial units built for drying out heavily flooded spaces. While the cost may be higher than what you are used to, this model far surpasses traditional expectations of a room dehumidifier. If you have a very large indoor space or severe moisture and indoor humidity problems, the Soleus 95 pint is a great fit.

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Soleus 95 Pint Dehumidifier Specifications

Recommended For: Living spaces / Offices / Basements
Model Number: HCB-D95-A
Coverage: 1800 (1500 recommended) Sq. Ft.
Water Removal: 95 pts. per day @ 60% RH, 80° F
Dimensions: 18.25" W x 24.63" H x 14.5" L
Weight: 59.5 lbs.
Power Supply: 115v, 750, 7.1A
CFM Rating: 400 / 350 / 300 CFM
Noise: 55 / 52 / 49 dBa
Auto Defrost: Yes
Auto Restart: Yes
Effective Operating Range:       
From 41° F - 95° F (will operate as low as 41° F)
Air Filter: Washable Prefilter
Drain: 1.33 Gal Tank & Garden Hose Adapter for Porting/Direct Drain Option
Casters: Yes
Condensate Pump: No
Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor

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