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SEBO Felix 4 Kombi Vacuum Cleaners

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SEBO Felix 4 Kombi Vacuum Cleaners

SEBO Felix 1 Vacuum - Free Shipping & 5 Year WarrantyFor homes with mostly smooth flooring, the SEBO Felix 4 Kombi upright vacuum is a lightweight, durable solution with a style that's all its own. SEBO vacuums are well known amongst cleaning professionals where quality, speed and durability are critical. With the SEBO Felix Kombi, you see each of these characteristics blended with a unique look, S-Class air filtration and versatility. Equipped with SEBO's signature Kombi combination tool, the Felix 4 line of vacuums are perfectly suited for smooth flooring, low pile rugs & carpet. By removing the Kombi attachment, you can use the built-in handle, hose, The SEBO Felix 4 Kombi Upright is Available in Three Styles - Classic, Fun & Ice Blue wand and included accessories to conveniently carry the Kombi up stairs or to places around the house where traditional uprights simply cannot go. From dusting to cleaning hard to reach areas, like the blades of your ceiling fan or the top of a bookshelf, the Felix Kombi vacuum cleaner offers all the tools you need to clean your home, from the floors all the way to the ceiling. So if quality air filtration, durable construction, and style are all things you look for in a smooth floor vac, look no further than the SEBO Felix 4 Kombi upright. You simply won't find another vacuum quite like it!


  • The SEBO Felix Kombi is powered by a durable 1300 watt motor.
  • S-class microfilter traps common household allergens, removing 99.9% of particles 0.3 microns or larger and making the SEBO Felix 4 an ideal anti-allergy vacuum.
  • The 3-ply dust bag has a hygienic seal for clean disposal.
  • Available in three stylish patterns/colors.
  • The Kombi's sealed system maintains airflow, improves efficiency and ensures that all the air entering the Felix is filtered before leaving the upright.
  • Telescopic handle with adjustable height for easy use, storage, and carrying.
  • Flat-to-the-floor profile of 6" for easy cleaning under furniture and beds.
  • Variable suction control is built right in on the height-adjustable ergonomic handle.
  • Versatile, this vacuum doubles as an upright or carry-around vacuum.
  • Lightweight, each Felix 4 Kombi has a built-in handle on the side making for easier use of the hose and wand for cleaning stairs, car interiors, upholstery, or while dusting.
  • Instant use hose for hard-to-reach corners, edges, and crevices
  • To prevent damage to the motor in the event of a clog, the Kombi features a thermal cut-out.
  • Quick-release brush roll for easy removal, cleaning or replacement.
  • Wide 35' cleaning radius.
  • Each Felix Kombi vacuum comes equipped with a crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, and an 11" Kombi (combination) floor tool for bare floors and some low pile carpet.
  • 5 Year Warranty covers motor, non-wear parts, and labor.

SEBO Felix 4 Kombi Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews
SEBO Felix Kombi Vacuum Cleaner

As the introductory model in the line of SEBO Felix uprights, the SEBO Felix 4 Kombi vacuum cleaner is a versatile solution for cleaning smooth floors, trapping allergens, and maintaining a healthier home. How does it do these things? First, SEBO vacuums are all German-engineered and manufactured, and over the years, they have built a solid reputation for reliable, consistent performance that outlasts traditional uprights by three to five times. Next, SEBO places a great deal of emphasis on not only constructing vacuums that are powerful but are also amongst the most hygienic you will find. Let's take a look at what makes the Felix Kombi upright a uniquely suited choice for homes with smooth flooring.

What I liked about the SEBO Felix Kombi

On smooth floors, the Felix 4 Kombi upright excels. It comes standard with the 11" wide Kombi combination tool. This smooth floor tool has retractable bristles that loosen debris and allow the powerful suction of the motor to remove soil, pet hair and even allergens. With just the flip of a switch, the bristles of the Kombi nozzle retract and allow felt strips to dislodge dirt on low pile carpet and rugs. While the Kombi nozzle isn't suitable for thicker carpet, it does have the versatility to tackle your smooth flooring and low pile carpet needs.

Filtration has always been a strong point with SEBO vacuums and the Felix 4 is no exception. Seals throughout the vacuum ensure air doesn't leak and is properly filtered before it leaves the vacuum. After it enters the vacuum, the air passes through the three-ply dust bag that traps the visible particles and even many of the reaction inducing microparticles. It also passes through two sets of filters, one being an S-Class microfilter. This electrostatically charged filter traps 99.9% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger. These elements all combine to produce one of the most hygienic and allergy-friendly vacuum cleaner available.

Yes, the SEBO Kombi is an upright vacuum cleaner, but unlike others it can lay flat while you vacuum, and with only a 6" profile while laying flat, the Kombi can reach under furniture and to other spaces where traditional uprights leave you moving furniture. The floor tools swivels and turns easily while the overall weight of the upright is very manageable. One area where the Kombi really separates itself, though, is with regard to the hose, wand and overall design of the vacuum. The large handle, built into the side, when combined with its lighter weight and hose & wand make the Felix Kombi a good tool for your above the floor cleaning. Remove the Kombi floor nozzle to drop unnecessary weight, shorten the adjustable handle to its shortest length, and you can tote the Felix 4 around with you while you dust and clean hard to reach areas. Unlike a handheld vac, it won't be cordless, but this also means it will have a lot more power and won't lose its charge while you clean. It is all these features that come together to make this SEBO an excellent all round cleaning machine.

As with most Felix vacuum cleaners, the Kombi comes in your choice of color/pattern. The style is truly unique, and while they are not for everyone, they do have a particular flair to them that you simply don't find with other home appliances. The SEBO Felix 4 Kombi vacuum comes in three colors/patterns: Fun - an orange and purple motif, Classic - a cream with red plaid stripes that seems to take you right back to 1952, and Ice Blue - white with grey trim a patterned, blue microfilter. Regardless of which model you select, you get a vacuum that truly stands out.

As with other Felix vacuums, the SEBO Kombi uprights come with two accessories (in addition to the Kombi nozzle), a height adjustable handle, as well as suction and power control built into the handle, and a five year warranty. And, if sometime in the future your situation changes and you need a more powerful carpet cleaning tool, you can always purchase an ET-1 power head afterwards to accommodate nearly any style of carpet.

What I did not like about the SEBO Felix Kombi

There are two drawbacks I found with the SEBO Kombi, and the first can be avoided pretty easily. Do not buy a SEBO Felix 4 Kombi vacuum if you have a lot of carpet in the home. The Kombi nozzle is great on what it was built to clean - smooth floors and some low pile carpet/rugs. However, the lack of a powered brushroll means the Kombi simply wasn't designed for a lot of or medium to high pile carpet. Matching the right Felix with your flooring type can prevent this from being a problem.

It is a little loud. Having tested so many Miele vacuums, I readily admit that I am unfairly biased. I was recently vacuuming with a Miele canister while I was talking on the phone with my dad, and towards the end of the conversation, he asked what I was going to be doing today. I told him that I had just finished vacuuming while we had been on the phone. He hadn't even realized it! SEBO uprights aren't this quiet. They lack some of the sound insulation that makes Miele vacuums quiet enough to carry on a conversation without even noticing. While they aren't exceptionally loud and perform on par with or better than big brands of upright vacuums, the Felix 4 just isn't as quiet as a Miele.

Overall, the SEBO Felix Kombi gets it right in nearly every category. The suction is powerful, filtration top notch, the design and patterns unique. They are highly versatile and lightweight. Plus, every SEBO is built to provide you anywhere from 12-15 years of use before needing to be replaced. All of these features make the Kombi a smart choice for smooth flooring without costing you a great deal of money up front.

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