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The new Miele S7 upright vacuum cleaners can be broken down into two basic groups. The top tier, comprised of the Swing and AutoEco, has full electronic controls, an automatic suction adjustment setting and comes in two different colors. The next tier, comprised of the Jazz, Twist and Cat & Dog, has rotary dial controls. Regardless of the S7 upright vacuum you choose, all come with an array of standard features. Below is a list of the features which come standard with each S7 upright.

Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features Two Powerful Motors.  All Miele S7 Upright vacuum cleaners feature the powerful, 1200 watt Vortex Motor System. This German made workhorse provides superior suction in a smaller package than comparable vacuum cleaners.  Each S7 upright also comes standard with a separate brush roll motor.  Both giving you independent control over suction.
Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features Swivel-Neck. This revolutionary new design gives the Miele S7 Uprights an extremely versatile range of motion. Cornering and turning is accelerated and made easier by the pivot action of the swivel-neck design. This design coupled with a six inch profile when lying completely flat makes it easier to get to those hard to reach places under furniture.
Miele Upright Manuverability Smooth Movement. With two front wheels that swivel 360° and a new swivel-neck design, all Miele uprights move smoothly and easily. Across smooth surfaces they seem to glide along, while on carpet (with the brush roll on) they seem almost self-propelled. You will not find yourself jerking or struggling with any of these extremely nimble uprights.
Miele S7 Height Adjustment Automatic Height Adjustment. With spring-loaded wheels, the new S7 upright vacuum cleaners will adjust to the height of any surface to optimize its cleaning ability. This simple innovation does away with switches, levers and dials commonly found in other uprights.
Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaner Features Sealed System Construction. A vacuum's most basic function is picking up dirt and particulate with suction. The suction is created as air is pulled completely through the system. While traditional vacuums are often less than efficient when it comes to retaining the smallest and most damaging particles, Miele's Sealed System is different. With the use of electrostatically charged filter bags, a HEPA filter and motor filter, Miele uprights effectively trap particles down to .3 microns. Instead of passing through fine particles are filtered out. The entire suction system is sealed to prevent dirty air from escaping. These measures work together to create the cleanest vacuum on the market today.

Miele S7 Filtration Best HEPA Filtration On The Market. Miele's Active HEPA filter is standard in all upright models.  The Active HEPA traps 99.99% of all particles .3 microns and larger. In addition to this, the Active HEPA comes with a thin layer of Generally Activated Charcoal (GAC) to absorb odors. The Active HEPA filter combined with the layer of GAC and a completely sealed system means vacuums with the HEPA feature act not only as a vacuum but also an air purifier. The only exceptions to this are the Miele Twist, which HEPA ready but comes standard with the Super Air Clean filter, and the Miele Cat & Dog, which comes with the odor adsorbing Active Air Clean filter.

Miele Vacuums are Quiet Quiet Operation. Each upright vacuum is constructed with a special sound insulating product that dramatically reduces noise. All of the S7 upright models are extremely quiet when compared to other vacuums.
Miele Deluxe Ergonomic Handle Deluxe Ergonomic Handle. Taking a page from the Miele canisters, the new S7 upright vacuum cleaners come with a deluxe ergonomic handle. This design reduces wrist strain and also features an on/off switch for the vacuum and for the roller brush motor, so switching from carpet to straight suction for smooth flooring is as simple a flipping a switch.
Miele Vacuums Highly Versatile. The S7 Upright vacuum cleaners are extremely versatile vacuums. From high pile carpet to smooth flooring, each will handle a variety of cleaning tasks. In addition to this, the wand of each will fit any accessory that fits a Miele canister. Either size of HEPA Filter that fits the canisters will work in the S7 uprights, as well as the Car Cleaning Kit and Miele Microset, among others. The Miele S7 uprights can be fitted with a range of accessories to best meet your needs.
Miele AirClean U Dust Bag Simple, Clean Bag Replacement. Bag replacement is a cinch. The new U bag that fits the S7 upright vacuums has a surprisingly simple, yet efficient self-sealing technology built into it. So as you remove the full bag, the spring-loaded cover seals the bag to avoid a mess. The new AirClean bag features 9 stage filtration and is much heavier and durable than comparable dust bags.
Miele's Durability Durable Body Construction. A durable, impact resistant ABS plastic shell is standard in all Miele uprights. This type of body is scratch and dent resistant as well as easily cleaned.
Miele Vacuum Operating Radius Exceptional Operating Radius. Each S7 upright vacuum cleaner has a 55 ft. operating radius. A 39 ft. cord, 14 ft. hose and 2 ft. wand give you 55 ft. of cleaning reach throughout the home.


Miele Telescopic Wand Retractable, Telescopic Wand. Each of the new S7 uprights has a fully adjustable telescopic, 2ft. wand that fits neatly onto the side of these vacuums.
Miele Accessories Three Mini Attachments. Each comes equipped with three mini attachments - an upholstery brush, a extra long crevice tool, and a dusting brush. On all S7 upright vacuum cleaners, these attachments are fully integrated meaning they clip into the body of the vacuum.
Miele S7 Brush Light Brush Light. Each S7 Upright comes equipped with a brush light built into the front of the vacuum cleaner. This LED light is brighter than traditional bulbs and enhances visibility while cleaning in even well lit rooms.
Dust Bag Change Indicator Bag Change Indicator. A standard bag change indicator takes the guesswork out of when to change the bag in any of the uprights.
Rugged Handle for Easy Carrying Reinforced Carrying Handle. Unlike many uprights, the S7 uprights come equipped with a built-in handle in the back of each unit. This reinforced handle makes it easy to carry the vacuum up and down steps.
Miele Bumper Guards Protects Your Furniture. Each of the new S7 upright vacuum cleaners come with a rubberized "bumper" to help protect your furniture from dings and scratches.
Miele Vortex Motor Long Life. The motors on each Miele come with a seven year warranty, though all Mieles are tested to last approximately 20 years.* This is possible through superior construction and the use of Miele's Vortex Motor System. Unlike other vacuum cleaners, a Miele is an investment.
* Use 45 minutes per week on highest setting.
Miele Brand Reputation Reputation. Whether it is adhering to the stringent EN 1822 European air filtration standard or putting their products through hundreds of hours of abusive testing, Miele is known for producing durable, quality products for over a century. Throughout the years their products have led the way in innovation, providing a balance between aesthetically pleasing form and unsurpassed functionality.
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