Miele Car Care Kit

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Miele CarCare Kit
Item#: ML0117
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Miele CarCare Accessory Case

As an update to the popular Car Clean kit, the Miele CarCare kit features new tools that are better suited to clean the hard to reach spaces that make up a car's interior. Narrow crevices, tight upholstery, and loose floor mats can make cleaning a car's interior a very tedious and time consuming task. This car cleaning kit gives you the tools to use any Miele vacuum cleaner to not only vacuum out the interior of your vehicle, but to remove allergens, pet hair, dirt, and crumbs. This vacuum kit is a must for auto and car detailing!

The Miele CarCare Kit includes:
  • STB 20 - A new, compact and flexible Hand Turbobrush that folds to multiple configurations for greater versatility.

  • SFD 20 Short - A slightly shorter version of the Flexible Crevice Tool for cleaning deep between seats and in side compartments.

  • SUB 20 - Universal Swivel Brush is excellent for all-around cleaning, scrubbing, and debris removal.

  • SFS 10 - Suction hose extension that provides improved reach (suitable ONLY for straight suction, non-electric Miele canister vacuum cleaners).

*Note: The hose extension does NOT fit Miele S7 upright vacuums.

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Customer Q & A

Q1: Does this kit work with the Capricorn? I bought a kit like this a few years ago and the brushes were too big for the hose. I know this kit doesn't operate electrically, but will it attach to the electric hose like the other accessories do?

A: All of the attachments should fit on the wand and handle. The ONLY exception to this is the hose extension. That part only fits straight suctions models those without electric.

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Miele Car Care Kit Reviews

Miele Car Care Accessory Kit

As an upgrade to an existing kit, the Miele Car Care Accessory Kit offers a variety of tools to better clean and maintain the interior of your car, truck or van. While similar to its predecessor, the Car Clean kit, the Car Care kit showcases a different array of attachments and a new take on two useful components. With the new CarCare kit in hand, I set about cleaning the interior of my Nissan Titan truck.

What I like about the Miele Car Care Kit

With non electric Miele vacuums, the extension hose is a great addition in cleaning/detailing your vehicle. With my truck, it can be difficult to reach under the seats in the back or around the center console with most vacuum hoses. The extension does not work with all Miele vacuums, so if the hose extension is an important piece for you, just take note of which models it currently fits. For most people the standard hose length will work well enough, but for some, the nearly five additional feet is welcomed.

Despite my high praise for the hose extension, the highlight of this kit has to be the redesigned handheld turbo brush (STB 20). Though it's slightly smaller than the STB 101, this brush delivers the same ability to remove pet hair and other debris that can be caught in carpet or upholstery in your vehicle.

Though the tool itself is built with a right angle in it, you can change it to fit either hand by simply turning the head of the brush. Two strips of felt help scrub and loosen hair, while the air driven brushroll pulls dirt, debris and hair out. One feature I really liked about this brush - by pushing the round button in the center, you have access to the inner wheel and can remove anything that may be tangled around it.

The last two tools are the flexible crevice tool and the universal swivel brush. Though I am a big fan of the universal swivel brush, for my truck, the crevice tool was more useful for me. Since my dog does ride in the backseat when it's raining, I do get hair that slowly accumulates between the seats and around the area where the seat bolts to the body. Even though I use blankets, hair is still an issue back there, but one that is easily fixed with the crevice tool.

What I do not like about the Miele Car Care Kit

Of the kits I've reviewed, this one costs the same as the others - which, for some people, is a bit much to spend on an accessory kit. I will say though, if you do spend money on an accessory kit, I would suggest this one. To me, it offers the best tools for the price.

As far as value and usefulness, the Miele Car Care kit is at the top of my list. Though the universal swivel brush wasn't the most useful tool in cleaning my truck, I certainly found other uses for it around the house. The other tools are all perfectly suited for auto detailing and cleaning. If you're looking for a quality kit that can provide you years of service, look no further.


Miele CarCare Kit (Item#: ML0117) $149.95
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