Miele Universal Upright Vacuum Cleaners Features

Unique Features of the Versatile Miele S1 Upright Vacuum CleanerThe Miele Universal Upright stick vacuum cleaners are highly versatile and share many of the great qualities of the larger Miele canister vacuum cleaners. While they are best suited for lighter and smaller area cleaning, like their canister counterpart, they exhibit many of the same
characteristics that makes Miele
a truly unique brand.

Miele S194 Upright Vacuum Cleaners Are Lightweight Lightweight. The Miele S1 Stick Upright vacuum is compact and lightweight, weighing less than 10 lbs. This slim design and light weight makes these uprights easy to use and store.

Compact Size Compact Size. This compact size makes storage more convenient. They can easily be stored in closets, under beds or in any other small space. They can even hang from a sturdy hook or nail.

S194 Powerful Vortex Motor Powerful Motor. Each Miele stick vacuum is powered by a 1000 watt motor. This German-made workhorse provides superior suction in a compact package, and unlike cordless compacts and handhelds, S100 series vacuums provide more power and require no downtime to charge.

Sealed System Sealed System Construction. Even though the Miele stick vacuums are the least expensive of any Miele available, this doesn't mean they skimped on core features, this includes the sealed system. Key to Miele's filtration and powerful suction, the sealed system consists of a series of rubber gaskets and seals that prevent air leakage as air flows through the vacuum cleaner. This ensures suction isn't lost through leakage but also forces air through the filters and doesn't allow dirty air to escape back into your home.

S194 Quickstep Features a Self Sealing Filter Bag Simple, Clean Bag Replacement. Bag replacement is a cinch! All bags that fit the upright style vacuums have a surprisingly simple, yet efficient self-sealing technology built into each back. So as you remove the full bag, it seals itself to avoid mess and lock away dirt and allergens.

Superior Miele Air Filtration - Ideal for Allergies or Asthma Best HEPA Filtration On The Market.* While a HEPA filter is not standard in the upright models, Miele offers a HEPA filter. The HEPA AirClean traps 99.95% of all particles, even those as small as .1 microns. This includes common irritants like pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. Each filter also features a TimeStrip Indicator that lets you know exactly when to replace the filter. If pet odors are a concern, opt for the Active AirClean filter that combines the filtration of an AirClean filter (99.95% of particles 0.5 microns or larger) with activated carbon/charcoal to remove particles while adsorbing pet odors. The AirClean filter, alone, comes standard with the S100 series stick vacuums but can be upgraded at any time to HEPA or Active AirClean.

Miele Stick Upright Vacuum Attachments Two Mini Attachments. Every Miele S1 stick comes standard with two mini attachments, a crevice tool and a upholstery tool. Both attachments fit into a small caddy that clips neatly to the wand, and either can be used with the wand or directly connect to vacuum for use.

Miele Stick Vacuums Are as Versatile as a Swiss Army Knife Highly Customizable. Not only can these stick vacuums be used as uprights but also as handheld vacs for quick spills, and all can be equipped with multiple optional accessories. From HEPA filters to car cleaning kits the Miele uprights can be fitted with a range of accessories to best meet your needs. The S168 is capable of using electric powerbrushes. Whether your are cleaning hard flooring, carpet or drapes and upholstery, the Miele stick will likely fit the bill.

Durable ABS Shell Durable Body Construction. A durable, impact resistant ABS plastic body is standard in all Miele universal uprights. This type of body is scratch and dent resistant as well as easily cleaned.
Cleaning Reach Extremely Wide Operating Radius. Each upright has a long power cord. Combined with the reach of the vacuum included, this stick provides a 28 ft. radius of cleaning. This reach means you can vacuum your entire apartment or house while wasting less time having to unplug your vacuum and fine a new outlet.

Bag Change Indicator Bag Change Indicator. A standard bag change indicator takes the guesswork out of when to change the bag in any Miele vacuum cleaner.

Miele S100 Vacuums Last Long Life. The motor on each Miele comes with a seven year warranty, though all Miele vacuums are tested and expected to last 1000 operating hours, approximately 20 years. Unlike other vacuum cleaners, a Miele is an investment.

Miele's Unmatched Reputation of Excellence in Home Appliances Reputation. Whether it is adhering to the stringent H13 European air filtration standards or putting their products through hundreds of hours of abusive testing, Miele is known for producing durable, quality products for over a century. Throughout the years their products have led the way in innovation, providing a balance between aesthetically pleasing form and unsurpassed functionality.

*Only with applicable models.

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