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Miele Micro Set

  • Item #: ML0069
  • $75.00


Miele Micro Set

The Miele Micro Set is a unique collection of accessories and nozzles designed to help you easily clean delicate items, collectibles, intricate woodwork, computers and even stereo equipment. These diminutive brushes are small and ideal for cleaning in hard to reach places or around delicate items. The hose is approximately 2 ft. long and flexible. The entire case is smaller than a laptop, durable, and allows for each attachment to snap neatly into place. Whether it is dusting bookshelves, around your desktop, your computer or for use with crafts and other detailed work, the Miele Micro Kit is an excellent cleaning accessory kit.


  • Micro hose with a combination crevice nozzle / dusting brush
  • An extension crevice nozzle
  • An angled crevice nozzle
  • An extension dusting brush

Customer Reviews

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So many uses
I love this set. I have to admit, I'm really picky about keeping things clean and dust free, especially my two computers. The small attachments in this set were perfect for those and for cleaning on and around my desk.
Review by VCantrel / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

Miele Micro Kit Reviews

Miele Micro Kit

As one of the most popular and longest selling accessory kits, the Miele Micro Kit is a useful tool set that can be used in a wide variety of areas in the home. With extra small brushes and attachments, the Micro Kit is chalked full of tools specifically suited for cleaning and dusting delicate or finer areas. After spending a couple weeks using the compact, lightweight Micro Set, here is what I found.

What I like about the Miele Micro Set

The Miele Micro Set consists of a mini hose with a retractable dusting brush on the end as well as three separate micro attachments - two types of crevice tools as well as a very fine, soft bristle dusting brush. In testing, I used this on both of my computers as well as for dusting around the books on four bookcases and my collection of Red Sox memorabilia (my apologies Yankees fans).

For use in cleaning computers, the Micro set cannot be beat. I first started using the smallest brush but quickly moved to the retractable brush that is attached to the hose. With the computer shut down, the stiffer bristles of the retractable brush were better in dislodging the small bits of debris that accumulate in the seams and particularly around the keys on the keyboard.

I do not own a desktop computer, but in the past I have cleaned out the internal compartment that houses the circuit board, hard drive, etc. For that use, the small, soft dusting brush would be ideal in that the bristles are gentle enough not to harm the internal components, but you can adjust the suction on the vacuum to clear away things like cobwebs and dust.

For around the bookcases, the hose with the retractable brush was again my tool of choice. I did use the larger crevice tool for additional reach behind the books. I just dialed up the suction and cleaned up all sorts of small dead critters and plenty of dust.

For the case that houses my Red Sox mementos, I stuck with the hose with the soft dusting brush attached. Since most of the items in the case are for display only, the less I touch them, the better.

What I do not like about the Miele Micro Set

I really couldn't find any drawbacks to this kit with the only possible exception being it's fairly specialized. So while it is great for some uses, the kit itself may not be very helpful to some. My only other suggestion would possibly be making one of the crevice tools flexible.

For what the Miele Micro Set was designed for, it is a wonderful addition to your Miele vacuum cleaner. For small, tight spaces, or around delicate or fragile items the Micro set is ideal. The convenient, molded carrying case snaps closed and fits anywhere. If micro cleaning is what you need, you cannot go wrong with the Miele Micro Set.

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